Floor displays can be beneficial to the outlet for attracting passers by. Easily visible signage can attract customers in a competitive shopping centre environment.

Three floor stands can improve the floor space:

  • Signboard
  • A Frame
  • Bulletin sign holder
The Signboard from Southern Imperial is easy to use and perfect for attracting passing shoppers. Ideal for outside the store entrance, the Signboard can be customised to suit the message. It is ideal for windy areas as the base can be filled with water or sand for extra strength and the Signboard itself is 6mm thick.

Available with a red, black or blue base, the Signboard can be tailored to suit the branding and message. Signboards can be bought as a kit or as separate components.

The A Frame is another walkway sign holder that is ideal for attracting attention. The messages on the A Frame display stand can be changed frequently and the display stand can be folded up out of the way when not needed.

To change artwork, simply snap open the frame edges, place in the artwork, replace the protective PVC sheet and snap shut. This style is available to suit A1 posters. Pre-printed tickets are also available for purchase.

The Bulletin sign holder is another way of encouraging customers to enter the store through promotions and specials. Available for A1and A2 sized posters, bulletin sign holders are 1640mm and 1400mm high, respectively.

With a sturdy flat metal base and a chrome finish, the bulletin sign holder not only looks the part, its double sided frame creates double the impact with shoppers. Adding a catalogue or flyer basket to the bulletin sign holder allows shoppers to see what the shop has on offer.