SI Retail introduces a new range of adjustable sign frame stands designed to fit various dump bins and other mesh products in the store.

Suitable for use with any POS ticket frame, the new sign holder stand is adjustable in length with the upper part of the pole sliding up to give an extra 20cm. 

SI Retail’s new point-of-sale sign holder is a perfect choice for a versatile but basic signage solution to quickly and easily display prices, promotions and additional information. 

Featuring a new design, SI Retail’s adjustable ticket frame holders are being used by major retail chains from supermarkets to hardware stores. Offering economy as well as flexibility, the sign holders are perfect for the upcoming holiday season, allowing retailers to easily build a promotional dump bin display and advertise it effectively. 

The sign holder has a highly flexible design, allowing it to be placed anywhere on the dump bin, adjusted to the height of the typical customer profile or oriented in the right direction. 

SI Retail offers several useful resources on their website about signage tips, how to prepare stores for promotional sales, and choosing professional signage.