SI Retail  has introduced a new magnetic security system for retail stores designed to keep stock safe while allowing customers to look at, and feel the product.

The new Stop Lock from SI Retail is ideal for hardware stores, electronic stores and any retailer with valuable stock in secure packaging.

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC), there are approximately 7.3 million incidents of shoplifting each year. It is estimated that each retailer will experience about 40 incidents of shoplifting to a value of $110 per incident.

Shoplifting costs retailers billions of dollars per year and is on the rise; theft can come in the form of shoplifting, organised retail crime and dishonest staff.

Adding a Stop Lock is one of the most effective ways to protect stock without impacting the customer’s buying experience.

The Stop Lock suits hooks up to 6mm thick and works on all of SI Retail’s display hooks. A key is required to remove the Stop Lock from display hooks, ensuring that the products are protected and less prone to theft.

For additional store security, SI Retail also stocks security mirrors in their portfolio of retail security systems.