SI Retail  offers a comprehensive range of retail display systems including a new line of affordable slatwall gondolas.  

Available in white and woodgrain finishes, freestanding slotwall displays are ideal for most retailers and are very popular amongst fashion retailers for jewellery and clothing displays.  

The freestanding slotwall displays are available with complementary slatwall accessories.  

Freestanding slotwall gondolas include: 

  • H Rack
  • Trapezium
  • 4 Way Star
  • Tower
  • Spinner Towers

Freestanding slotwall displays from SI Retail are available in several variations to suit different retailer requirements.  

Smaller Products  

SI Retail’s freestanding slotwall displays for smaller products include tower displays and 4-way star slatwall gondolas while the H racks and trapezium slotwalls cater for shelving and larger merchandise display.  

The HangShelf by SI Retail is an ideal slatwall fitting for the H rack displays that can be used to hang garments as well as shelve products at the same time with a single shopfitting.  

Limited Retail Space  

Spinner slotwall displays are ideal for small retail spaces that are left unused, effectively utilising the area to enable easier customer browsing.  

Versatile Shelving

The stylish trapezium slotwall displays come with 3 glass shelves and 3 melamine shelves, reducing the need to purchase additional slatwall accessories.  

Extra merchandising can be done with the three sides of slotwall. The store can use the shelves provided or create a unique display with a combination of fixtures.  

Tradeshows and Events  

Freestanding slatwall displays are suitable for tradeshows, exhibitions and events since they can be flat packed, quickly assembled and easily manoeuvred with the castors.  

Complementary Slotwall Accessories  

SI Retail offers a range of standard slotwall accessories for freestanding slotwall displays including hooks, signage, shoe shelves, slotwall garment arms, shelving and brackets.