End-Sign Point of Sale flags from Southern Imperial can influence customers’ impulse purchases.

End-Sign is a POS material that every retail store front can utilise to increase their customer traffic.

The original End-Sign was created in 1974. It was then, and still is now an ideal POS tool. End-Sign ensures maximum product exposure, increases consumer awareness and impulse purchases.

End-Sign allows everyone to be creative as well as get the brand noticed. Everyone can now turn their ideas into reality by designing their own End-Sign flag with the message they want.

As well as creating their own flag, there are also a variety of flags in stock for similar uses like Sale, Open 7 Days, Coffee and Seafood.

End-Sign effectively utilises store front space that would ordinarily be wasted. Protruding perpendicular from the front of the outlet, the product exposure is heightened with End-Sign.

Customers walking from a distance can notice the store more easily and from a variety of angles. End-Sign is also easy to use. Once adhered to the surface of the store, End-Sign flags are easy to mount, change flag angles and remove.