SI Retail presents a range of retail display systems featuring a stylish design while offering practical and affordable functionality.  

Retail display systems are available in a wide range of choices to meet specific brand display and product positioning needs in the store.  

Professional in-store shelving systems include freestanding displays featuring a shelving bracket style of freestanding livewire with three shelves that can be adjusted anywhere along the shelving system.  

Freestanding slatwall and freestanding livewire cable displays are designed for impact and also easy to manoeuvre in-store. Non-fixed displays can be positioned suitably to test effective selling positions as well as for high foot traffic areas and best sellers.  

Many retailers choose to use two different wall systems for in-store display. Slatwall panels or wall strip retail display systems cater to a range of arms, signage and shelving options.  

The HangShelf from SI Retail has evolved from traditional in-store shelving solutions and specifically improves on wall strip and slatwall shelving options for fashion retailers.  

The HangShelf is designed for retailers to hang garments and shelve products at the same time to maximise and enhance use of space throughout the store while also creating a unique display.  

The new slotwall shelf bracket clip is an innovative shelving bracket designed specifically for slatwall panels. These shelf clips can hold 6mm, 8mm and 10mm glass shelves with a single fitting while their lightweight and stylish design suits most retail store designs.