SI Retail  offers a range of acrylic sign holders designed for displaying important information in offices, banks, stores and any environment requiring a signage option.  

The acrylic sign holders are a smart display option for signs, eliminating the use of printouts stuck to counters that will only wear out over time. SI Retail’s sign holders ensure all signs are well protected and professionally displayed at all times.  

SI Retail’s acrylic sign holders can be used to display messages such as ‘Please Ring the Bell’ at unattended receptions in offices, ‘This Teller is Closed’ at banks or ‘Rental Returns’ in video stores.  

Acrylic sign holders are available in A3 to A7 sizes in portrait or landscape versions, and are either single-sided or double-sided. The sign holders are great for use on counters, gondolas, shelves, desks, tables, furniture and almost any flat, horizontal surface.     

SI Retail also offers acrylic sign holders specially designed for restaurant, café and pub tables. Their 3-way and 6-way menu holders are ideal for displaying food and drink menus, specials, and promotions all in one place. SI Retail’s 3-way and 6-way menu holders will suit any material in DL size.  

SI Retail can also custom create acrylic sign holders in special shapes or sizes to suit specific needs.