ShapeShell Monocoque, an advanced composite material was used to create the perimeter section of the roof at the Bradman & Noble Stand at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Involving a structure that was 20 metres above the ground, constructing the roof of the new Bradman & Noble stand at the iconic SCG was always about safety and buildability.

In a collaborative effort with architecture firm Cox Architects and builder AW Edwards, the last two metres of the entire perimeter of the roof, both above and underneath, were designed and constructed as complete 12-metre nose cone sections using ShapeShell Monocoque.

These sections not only incorporated the gutter detail but also the underlying soffit. The nose cone sections were lifted up to the roof as complete units for installation along the perimeter, significantly reducing the amount of work required at height.

This innovation was recognised by the Master Builders Association with AW Edwards picking up the gong for MBA Excellence in Construction Award – Construction Innovation and Technique 2014.