Selux Australia  which came into existence 50 years back are manufacturers of luminaires which can be used both interior and exterior. Selux Australia sells their product all over the world. Some of Selux Australia's products that are used exterior are bollards,wall luminaries, luminaries used in residential areas, road lighting,Urban design systems, project luminaires and custom design and historical luminaries.

Some of the bollards in Selux Australia include MTR bollard, Torch bollard and Saturn bollard. The wall luminaries include CDO -City Design Oval Wall luminaries,and Saturn luminaries.

Luminaries used in residential areas include Quadro, Calicio, Fiore,Alpha, Beta,Gamma and Delta.Some of the models used in road lighting include Polygon, Histo and Vector.Some of the Urban Design systems include URBI-1,URBI-2,URBI-3 and Advantage.

Project luminaires and custom design in Selux Australia include Hit lightstack and Bustop light column. The luminaries in Selux Australia which are used interior are linear pendant and surface mounted modules, wall mounted and free standing, recessed downlighters,spot lights and tracks and luminaires for circulation areas. Linear pendant and surface mounted modules include Aura, M-series and Cassettes. Wall mounted and free standing luminaries include Satinlights and Uplights. Spotlights and tracks include Spherical spots and Cubical Spots. Luminaires in Selux Australia used for circulation areas include flat railway fitting and sphere segment fitting.