Selux Lighting  is offering architects and designers a new opportunity to re-evaluate the way they integrate lighting into buildings and structures, allowing the lighting to become and integral architectural element, not just an after effect.

Satinlights also provide a unique quality of light that minimises direct and reflected glare, in combination with the advanced microprism technology suitable for today’s computer dominated workspaces.

Luminaires can be suspended or recessed creating a skylight approach to lighting allowing designer to integrate an installation into virtually any ceiling.

The concept features pendant options which offer precise, geometric, minimal forms while recessed products also present the ability to deploy light sources with absolute minimal interruptions to the ceiling plaster or wall.

Trimless is visually neat, tidy and seamless introducing an entirely new concept in design, allowing the creation of perfect, clean edge detailing, due to the position of the luminarie flush with the wall or ceiling.