Self Contained  are displaying a modified container at the Hunter Valley Mining Expo.

This modified container, which will be for sale at the expo, is a residential container, which is one of the many different types of modified containers available from Self Contained.

This particular modified container is a 20ft high cube container and has been insulated and air conditioned. The air conditioner is recessed to facilitate ease of transport.

The modified container contains 2 bunk beds and a lift up flap table. The container has been modified with a kitchenette, which consists of bench space, drawers, fridge, microwave and a sink.

The kitchenette and shower are supplied with a 60L zip hot water system. The container is also modified with a shower recess and toilet.

The container also has florescent lighting and power outlets. Power and sewage are plug and go. All the modified containers available from Self Contained are easily transportable by road, rail or sea and retain their C.S.C. Plates, which ensures the transportability of all shipping containers.

Self Contained modifies containers for storage, workshops, offices, etc and can even prepare a self sustainable village of modified containers for remote locations.