Self Contained  offers portable shipping containers along with transportation and installation services to residential high ends, ablutions, and kitchens

Self Contained services for residential high ends includes air-conditioning units, doors, windows, fans, shutters, drapes, lights, wall fixtures, sofas, side tables, chairs, dining sets, single and double power points, and other various household goods and appliances.

Self Contained services for ablutions comprises of fixed wall air-conditioning units, shower, toilet, fly screen door, security roller shutter, sliding window, florescent light, exhaust fans, cupboards, double power point, sink with hot and cold water, 60 liter zip hot water system, change benches, sealed polyurethane floor, and storage bins.

Self Contained services for kitchen includes fixed wall air-conditioning unit, door, window with wind up security grill, oven, fridge, freezer, microwave, kitchen bench, dish washing machine, kitchen cupboards with draws, 60 liter zip hot water system, and single and double power points.

Site preparation for a container by Self Contained does not consume too much time. In addition to supplying portable shipping containers of various goods, transportation, and installation services, Self Contained also offers finance and insurance services to meet customers' specific needs.