Self Contained , an Australian-based company, supplies generic and modified portable shipping containers for various applications. Self Contained transport industry was started more than five decades ago and has been dealing specifically in shipping containers since 1974. From air-conditioners and executive desks to doors and window grills, Self Contained shipping containers are fully portable and provides an ideal solution for transporting goods.

Self Contained helps with transportation and installation of goods to any location on time and on budget. Self Contained are dedicated to delivering a quality product and are fully flexible when it comes to satisfying customer requirements. 

Self Contained has developed and maintained good relationships with their overseas suppliers because the company is able to source high quality portable shipping containers at a globally competitive rate thereby providing cost-effective benefits to their customers.

Other than supplying portable shipping containers, Self Contained also offers transportation, installation, finance and insurance services. Self Contained transportation services offers quick delivery of customers' containers to anywhere in Australia at a minimum cost. The installation services include professional installation by the company staff which makes it a hassle-free and time-reducing process.