Securepro Security  specialises in providing wireless security alarm systems such as remotes, alarms, appliance module, emergency wristband, Ethernet adaptor, flood or water detector and gas detector.

Securepro Security also offers lamp module, outdoor curtain PIR and wireless transmitter, outdoor PIR sensor with wireless transmitter, adaptor, security systems, temperature sensor, wireless door or window contact, wireless internal siren, wireless siren and strobe light, wireless smoke detector, controller module, wireless pet immune PIR, wireless range extender and wireless keypad. Wireless security systems from Securepro Security are easy to set up and do not require any complicated wires or cables.

Emergency wristband helps in transmitting a signal to the base unit to phone for assistance and when no movement occurs within the 12 hour period, the base unit dials out for assistance. Ethernet adaptor connects to LS-30 base unit and a router which has an internet connection. One can access the system through the Internet. The adapter and router do not need to be connected to a PC.

Flood or water detector has a sensor at the end of the cable which triggers an alarm if water is detected while the gas detector helps in detecting liquefied natural and liquefied petroleum gases.