Securepro Security  offers emergency response systems such as Personal Emergency Response System & GPS Locator and YesSOS Personal Emergency GPS/Mobile locator, YesSOS DTMF Decoder, YesSOS EasyGate Analogue GSM Gateway.

The YesSOS Personal Emergency GPS/Mobile locator helps in sending an SOS alert to an unlimited number of mobile numbers and email addresses when activated and also sends street address of location. The holder can send non-SOS location to unlimited number of mobiles and email addresses and can be tracked over the internet or mobile. Accessories for this system include leather carry case, carry straps and car charger.

Securepro Security offers Outdoor Curtain PIR & wireless transmitter which combines PIR and microwave technology and contains selectable PIR detection sensitivity. Other features include selectable microwave detection sensitivity, memory latched input, A/D signal analyzer, auto temperature compensation and automatic adaptation to background noise. The wireless transmitter is reliable, waterproof and all-weather resistant and is highly immune to false alarms.

Securepro Security offers a wireless temperature sensor called TP-3 Temperature Sensor which can be used to put anywhere to monitor the temperature in a room or a chamber. Temperature readings will be remotely shown on the base unit.