Leda supply a wide range of bike lockers in Australia and many applications are for public transportation. Leda’s bicycle parking products are available from Secureabike .

Most railway stations in NSW and Victoria for example will have some of Leda's Bicycle Parking Products for use by rail commuters.

While bicycle racks and bicycle rails are always common, regular bicycle commuters will often demand an increased level of security that bicycle lockers and cages can provide.

Bike lockers typically have viewing holes for sporadic checking of contents while bicycle cage contents are always visible. The more expensive the bicycle to be stored in the parking product then the more likely there will be a preference for lockers. Cages have the benefit of being less prone to graffiti but all the contents are open to inspection.

Leda's experience is that cages are often located in secured areas such as car parks while bicycle lockers are quite often forced to face the threats of theft and vandalism on their own such as at railway stations. The lockers were supplied and installed through Badge Constructions for hills Transit.