Leda Vannaclip are one of the largest suppliers of bike lockers in Australia. For many years they have manufactured the approved bike lockers for public transport hubs such as bus and rail. Now, a low cost alternative is available from Securabike for secured premises.  

The Leda bike lockers designed many years ago for public transport stations were developed to meet a tough environment with real security concerns, however, there was a need for a lower cost model for use in existing secured areas such as car parks. Leda said that that secured car parks would require a lower level of security, meaning cost savings could be considered.  

Leda hope to appeal to the community with their more cost efficient bike lockers. The walls of these bike lockers are made from a thinner material and the rider needs to supply their own padlock to secure the door, helping to reduce costs. Leda bike lockers are available in single or double configurations.