The 90 Degree SeaShell corner awnings from Seashell Industries can be relied upon to provide the right angle for shade on a sunny day. In fact, these awnings mean that shading tight and awkward corner locations is now easy.

The beauty and functionality of the 90 degree corner awnings are proving popular for use on patios and outdoor areas where traditional retractable awnings don’t exactly fit or where umbrellas are impractical and awkward; or where umbrellas and other shade solutions actually detract from the architectural features of the dwelling.

With just the pull of a cord, the 90 degree SeaShell corner awnings easily retract to one side of the corner. They are then completely out of the way until their next use. Elegant and stylish, yet strong and durable, the 90-Degree corner awnings are available with a radius of 3, 4 or 5 metres.