Seashell Industries  provides a range of retractable radial sail awnings which are suitable for providing shelter to residential, commercial and retail spaces. 

The retractable radial awnings come in four different standard sizes which provide 90, 180, 270 or 360 degree spans. Custom angles can also be tailored on request. 

Key benefits and features of Seashell Industries' retractable radial sail awnings include:

  • provides shade coverage throughout the day 
  • can help reduce heat gain by up to 65% for northern windows and 77% for eastern and western windows
  • helps protect outdoor furniture and other goods from damaging rays
  • adjustable angle feature ensures awning can be closed when not required
  • sail material is waterproof, providing coverage from rainy conditions
  • engineered to withstand wind 
  • patented MagnaLOC Technology will safely disengage and return awning to a closed and locked position when winds become critical 
  • requires minimum maintenance – simple hose off to rinse dirt is only required 
  • three standard frame and sail colours are available 
  • other custom designed colours can be provided on request