SeaShell retractable awnings from Seashell Industries are innovative, new, Australian-made awnings  that are available through a number of specialist retailers and installers in Sydney, and  set to revolutionise the use of awnings in homes and small businesses.  

Seashell retractable awnings are low maintenance, and help users maximise the use of their outdoor space. Seashell retractable awnings can be opened for shade or rain protection at any time, and closed to enjoy winter sun. Sydney receives most of its rainfall in the summer months, so it is important that awnings in Sydney homes are waterproof in addition to providing shade.    

In high winds, the SeaShell retractable awning automatically retracts.  The SeaShell retractable awning is the only retractable awning certified to Australian standards (AS4055) to withstand winds exceeding gale force.  The SeaShell retractable awning is ideal for homes or cafés in an exposed coastal location.     

The Seashell retractable awning is available in 30 colours to complement any colour scheme. Its highly distinctive seashell design makes it ideal for homes or businesses. The Seashell retractable awning is constructed from a high quality, marine grade, powder-coated, aluminium frame, and premium all-weather fabric. The Seashell retractable awning is designed for quick professional installation and in most cases no council approval is required.    

SeaShell Awning distributors in Sydney include: Quantum Awnings at Lane Cove, Allan’s Screens and Blinds at Windsor, Homelife Furnishings at Clovelly, Illawarra Blinds and Awnings at Bexley and Great Southern Awnings at Cronulla.