Search School  was started to help the small and medium business owners and managers to maximise their online return. Search School provides a one day seminar to make the people understand how to search and how to optimize the search engine. Many other speakers are also taking classes in the seminar conducted by Search School. The Director of Search Strategies, Barry Smyth is the convener of Search School. Search School conducted their first seminar in Melbourne on 9th October and got many positive feedback about their seminar. In their seminar the Search School used to provide a check list of items which can be used to increase the search engine results.

Search School can help the people who is working as a web designer or a person who plans to create a new website. Search School helps to implement some sales strategies and also to improve the web traffic. Search School provide tips to make the website so that the website will come in the first or in the second page when a person is searching a generic product using a search engine.

Search School also offers many gifts in lucky draws to the persons who are attending the seminar.