Sculpt Fireplace Collection recently introduced their new luxury Axis double sided fireplace range in the Australian market. What’s unique about the new Axis double sided fireplace is that it can be enjoyed from inside the house as well as the outside.

The potential of the Axis double sided fireplace can be maximised by installing it into an external wall of the home.

Sculpt’s guide to installing Axis double sided fireplaces onto external walls

Sculpt advises all those who are considering the installation of the Axis double sided fireplace on their external walls to first ensure that no unit is ever left in direct contact with the elements as it will cause all warranties to be voided. Though the units are made from the highest quality raw materials and are built to last, exposure to the rain and sun can damage the unit.

The damper should face the interior of the home, and should be closed so that the door cannot be opened from the outside, guaranteeing safety and security while also blocking off the entry of bugs, vermin, insects and even wind. The home can also be protected against rats and mice by adding a trim to the unit on the outside wall, securely locking and closing any gaps that may be present or accessible in the wall cavity.

Metal vent intakes and outtakes are still required on internal walls as per the standard installation to maximise operation and combustion of the fireplace.

Follow this installation advice to enjoy the Axis double sided luxury fireplaces all year round, from inside or outside.

Sculpt also advises their customers that their Seguin cast iron Cheminee range is not recommended for placement on external walls due to the inability to lock the exterior facing door mechanism securely.

All wood fire installations must be in accordance with Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZ 2981:2001.