A fireplace is a major investment for households and most clients seek specific guidance regarding the aesthetics, placement and technical specifications of their wood heaters. Sculpt Fireplace Collection works with several architecture and design professionals to assist their clients with the selection and installation of fireplaces in their homes.

Jacquie Micelli is a much valued member of the extended Sculpt family and works at their Victorian Woodpecker retail stores in Oakleigh and Mornington. An interior design entrepreneur, Jacquie is passionate about design and eager to connect with customers.

Consulting Interior Designer, Jacquie Micelli came on board Sculpt’s retail team after viewing their collection of contemporary wood fireplaces including high-end Bordelet suspended fireplaces, stylish Axis panoramic wood heaters and the pure cast iron Seguin wood burners. Taking the time to get to know her clients and understand their needs, Jacquie helps them evolve their interiors into amazing homes, often recommending one of the elite fireplaces from Sculpt’s luxury collection.

Based on the latest European technology such as DAFS (Double Air Flow Systems), Sculpt’s fireplace collection not only provides heating efficiency, but also an impressive designer aesthetic to the home.

Jacquie is impressed with the customisability of the Bordelet range with the suspended fireplaces providing the desired impact in versatile applications from homes to restaurants and outdoor bars. She also admires Axis’ ability to showcase a variety of modern styles. Axis fireplaces come with single, double or three-sided glass viewing areas, all of which can be adapted into an exterior wall. Seguin’s fireboxes provide flexibility with their freestanding and in-built installation options while the 100% pure cast iron construction, lift-up door options and black silk glass detail provide the aesthetic advantage.

A passionate ambassador for Sculpt’s exclusive luxury fireplace range at Woodpecker stores in Melbourne’s south, Jacquie has a natural creative flair, a keen eye for design and tonnes of information on industry standards, design trends, and timeless style techniques.

Homeowners planning to invest in a luxury, eco-friendly fireplace, be it a high quality traditional cast iron fireplace by Seguin, a contemporary statement designer fireplace by Bordelet, or a highly efficient, multi-vision fireplace by Axis, can get good advice from Sculpt retailers such as Woodpecker, and interior designers such as Jacquie Micelli.