A beautiful ocean view and a suspended fireplace have helped a homeowner achieve the perfect ambience in their home. The beautifully handcrafted technique involved in creating a hanging wood fire such as the Bordelet Eva 992 comes through years of artisan engineering and a dedicated pursuit of fireplace excellence, which can be observed in this latest installation completed on the Mornington Peninsula.

The Bordelet Eva 992 hanging fire, the largest in this range of handcrafted suspended fireplaces, is designed to captivate and impress with its playful 360-degree viewing area and high quality finish.

Equally at home in luxurious commercial environments as well as residential living spaces, the Bordelet Eva 992 is a creation of the award-winning fireplace designer Jean-Claude Bordelet, who founded JC Bordelet in 1975 and instantly established himself as a non-conformist player in the world of fireplace design and manufacturing.

His originality combined with his mastery of metal workings placed his creations at the forefront of high quality avant-garde fireplace design while also helping him achieve international recognition.

Handmade in limited quantities, all JC Bordelet fireplaces are dramatically suspended from the ceiling and aim to enhance the ambience and warmth of any living space with original designs, audacious colours and fluidity of shape.

JC Bordelet fireplaces are available from Sculpt Fireplace Collection.