Screenwood timber panels are available as prefinished modular systems that ensure simple and efficient installation on site to meet both time and budget considerations during the execution of a project.

Make the most of your project schedule and budget with this complete modular solution from Screenwood. The timber panels are cut to specification and prefinished during production, and then delivered at site as a modular system at the right time for installation. By strategically planning their delivery, you can allow work to simultaneous progress on site without disruption.

The high quality modular systems are conveniently transported to the site and easily handled to ensure an efficient installation without difficulty. With no face fixing of individual blades on site, Screenwood modules can be installed easily by any qualified tradesman.

Since Screenwood timber panels are made to order, you can minimise wastage on site. The modular system helps you maintain a clean, clear and safe workplace, and also prevent damage to the product. Since the modules arrive assembled, there is no risk of losing components or installing them incorrectly.

Internal Screenwood panels are supplied with an acoustic backing as standard to help reduce echo in the space. The lining is fixed to the panel allowing for the installation of two products at once, while also concealing the plenum area behind and eliminating the requirement of a solid substrate.

Screenwood modular panels are designed and engineered to help you work smarter, not harder.