Acoustic comfort is an important consideration in health and educational facilities as well as public spaces such as libraries and hospitality venues to ensure a pleasant experience for occupants. 

Poor auditory conditions can have a detrimental effect on communication and productivity, leading to cognitive fatigue, increased stress levels and poor learning outcomes. If ignored, problems such as reverberation and noise can be very disruptive, undermining the function of the space.

Screenwood addresses these issues with their range of acoustically rated linings designed for new and existing commercial interiors. Available in the form of prefabricated linear timber modules, Screenwood‘s independently tested and acoustically rated panels are tailored to meet the highest Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and Weighted Sound Absorption (αw) requirements, providing comfort and amenity to internal spaces.

Screenwood is available with acoustic backings to effectively support the performance of a space without compromising on design.

Photo Credits: Lyons Architects, Armstrong Parkin | Acorn Photography, Kerry Hill Architects | Frances Andrijich Photography, Hassell Studio | Peter Bennetts