Schlegel  designs and manufactures different types of products applicable to the building industry that include urethane foam seals, extruded seals, threshold system as well as door and window hardware. Q-LON weather seals offered by Schlegel have several features including durability, resistance to UV rays and polyethylene cladding. These weather seals are available in different colour ranges and also bonded to resilient urethane foam. This unique attribute of these weather seals enables reliable sealing against water as well as air infiltration. These weather seals also ensure the non adherence of paints and varnishes. Q-LON weather seal also offers ease of operation with various other features that include ease of cleaning, energy efficient and resistance to rot and mildew.

Schlegel also provides pile weather seals applicable for the building industry. Pile weather seals manufactured by Schlegel are woven textile yarns that have been interlaced into a backing. Different applications of these pile weather seals include shutter guide rails, sliding wardrobe doors, swing doors, door bottoms as well as can also be used in sliding windows and doors. Some of the unique features of these pile weather seals include UV stabilised, minimises operating force, water penetration as well as air infiltration and offers durability to the doors or windows.