Schiavello is calling upon all Australians to get on their feet and take a stand for better health on 11 June.

Schiavello is a proud sponsor of On Your Feet Australia, organised by Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, one of the leading medical research institutes in Australia. Now in its second year, the On Your Feet Australia movement urges Australians to ‘quit the sit’ for one day to increase awareness of the dangers of excessive sitting as well as raise funds to support heart disease and diabetes research.

Several scientific research studies conducted in Australia and around the world have turned the spotlight on the negative health outcomes of prolonged sitting even in physically active adults. Extended hours of sitting, considered normal in most office situations, are being linked to increased risk of chronic conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes as well as premature death.

Professor David Dunstan, Head of Physical Activity Research at Baker IDI explains that excessive sitting is seen as slowing down the body’s metabolism, affecting the person’s ability to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure, and metabolise fat. This can also cause weakening of muscles and bones.

Dunstan adds that research has shown regular exercises alone may not be enough to counteract the ill effects of sedentary behaviour.

Join Schiavello and the rest of Australia in this meaningful cause by simply forming a team and registering it with Gwen Goh at [email protected] Schiavello will be giving each team AUD $10 to help kick start their fundraising efforts.

A Krossi sit-stand desk by Schiavello will be awarded to the team that raises the most funds. Krossi tables feature height-adjustable worktops and have been developed to support health and wellbeing at the workplace.

Bonnie Schiavello, Marketing Manager at Schiavello International commented that the On Your Feet Australia initiative resonates with Schiavello’s strong advocacy of quality workplaces that focus on health and wellness. By creating effective workspaces, Schiavello helps clients utilise intelligent furniture designed to contribute to the holistic wellbeing of their staff.

On Your Feet Australia is proudly sponsored by Schiavello, Humanscale, Fitbit, Art Series Hotel Group and Anytime Fitness.