A typical day in any modern office will see employees spending long hours sitting in front of computers, sometimes without a break. The average worker spends 80 per cent of their work hours sitting, and it is estimated that people spend around 80,000 hours (or nine years) seated over the course of their working life.

New research conducted by Schiavello underlines the importance of movement at the workplace, and how it positively contributes to three states of comfort: ease, relief and renewal.

Focussed on creating a healthier workplace, Schiavello has introduced a new sit-stand workstation specifically designed for employees working on computers. The first Australian designed sit-stand workstation, the new Krossi is a height adjustable workstation system that considers people’s health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Raffaele Tigani, General Manager at Schiavello International observes that companies are realising the tangible benefits of focusing on health and wellness in the workplace; this has resulted in the increasing popularity of office furniture that encourages movement, especially workstations with height adjustability.

Key features of Krossi sit-stand workstations include height-adjustable worktops; height range of 610mm to 1200mm, enabling users to switch between sitting and standing throughout the workday; height adjustability system with hand crank or electric motor options; rectilinear and circular desk options allowing two, three and four-way workstation designs; customisable configurations enabling workspace designers to find the best fit for diverse office layouts and designs; and choice of colours and finishes.

The electric system displays the height setting on an LCD screen attached to the worktop, and has memory capability to store up to four preferred height variations for the user’s convenience.

Given the heavy investment made by organisations to retain their best talents, Schiavello believes companies need to look beyond health insurance and wellness programmes, and rethink workspace design in consideration of their employees’ holistic wellbeing.

According to Tigani, Krossi caters to the specific needs of each individual by providing improved flexibility at the work point. This helps organisations create a sense of empowerment in their workforce by giving them control over the way they work.

Part of Schiavello’s Knowledge Collection of furniture, Krossi delivers a consistent design language across the entire work environment, from private workspaces to meeting rooms and breakout spaces.