The products of SCA Hygiene Australasia are health care products,food service papers,wipers and clothes, tabletop products and washroom systems.

The health care products of SCA Hygiene Australasia include antibacterial wipes,dental bibs, towels,covers and sheets. Most of these products are from the brand Tork.

Wipers and clothes section in SCA Hygiene Australasia include kitchen rolls, dispensers, clothes which are used repeatedly,one-time wipers and centerfeed wipers. Repeated -use clothes are Workingbee color coded clothes, Tork premium specialist clothes and Tork premium multipurpose clothes 500.One-time wipers include Tork Universal wipers 400 and Tork Universal wipers 300.

The tabletop products of SCA Hygiene Australasia include cost-saver products, co-ordinates,serviettes, doyleys, table mats and table covers. Serviettes include 8 fold two ply serviettes, 1 ply Luncheon serviettes, 2 ply cocktail napkins,Duo Serviettes, Deeko napkin dispensers, Deekolin napkins and christmas napkins.

The washroom systems in SCA Hygiene Australasia include air freshener, facial tissue,cleansers, hand wiping and toilet paper. Cleansers include SCA system 1000, SCA spray soapand soap liquid system.The hand wiping products include ultra slim system, zig zag system, interfold system and hand towel roll system. The toilet paper which includes conventional roll, folded paper, Jumbo jnr roll system, mini jumbo roll system and jumbo roll system.