Xpressnap is a revolutionary interfolded napkin and dispensing system that drastically reduces napkin consumption and costs thanks to its unique single dispensing design.

"Food establishments have always suffered from the fact that consumers can, and do, grab fistfuls of napkins from traditional spring loaded dispensers," says Jamie Potts, Product Manager – Napkins, SCA . "Xpressnap only releases one napkin at a time, so they tend to only take one, although they could take more if they needed to," Potts explains.

"Evidence in the marketplace so far is that the Xpressnap system reduces napkin use by 30 50%,” Potts says.

Reduced usage is not just about costs however, as less napkins also means less waste and less rubbish particularly at outdoor and sporting events. Even the napkins themselves are environmentally friendly as they contain 100% recycled fibres and Xpressnap Natural is bleach free.

The Xpressnap range contains six different dispensing options including stand, wall-mounted, countertop, tabletop, in-counter and drive-thru. Dispensers have an easy to load ‘flip front’ and can hold up to 900 napkins (seven times more than traditional dispensers which hold 125). The dispensers are also less labour intensive as they don’t need to be refilled as often, and when they do, it takes less than a minute.

Another exciting feature of the Xpressnap system is the ‘Ad-a-Glance’ advertising space on dispensers. A CD of templates is available so establishments can customise their own message such as special offers, events or even occasions.

Much lauded in the USA over the past few years, food establishments, from small café’s right up to major event caterers, can now enjoy all the benefits of Xpressnap. This includes less usage, less wastage, less germs and less storage needs – which all adds up to a whole lot more profits.