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    Sayfa Group

    Anchor points, static lines & harness gear

    Anchor Points 

    Sayfa’s comprehensive range of anchor points is ideally suited to personnel working at heights, utilising a harness and lanyard fall protection system for roof and gutter maintenance and servicing of roof mounted plant/equipment.

    All Sayfa anchor points and anchorage systems are constructed of stainless steel and have a low visual impact. Due to the advanced energy absorbing properties, they are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial construction.

    Features inlude: 

    • 3 Sixty® surface mount anchors provide uniform load distribution to the anchor plate, allowing fixture to lighter structures and roof decks.
    • Low Pro® anchors provide quick and easy retrofit installation to metal purlin structures suiting standard, corrugated and span deck roof profiles. Low Pro Anchors can be used as a primary abseil anchor points.
    • Xplora® concrete mount anchors have been designed for demanding anchorage to concrete and hard natural stone. The eyelet can be removed if needed.
    • Cobra® anchors allow fixture to timber structures with tiled roof construction ensuring no need to penetrate individual roof tiles and no additional flashing or seals are required.
    • Spyda® temporary anchors offer the option to be clip or screw fixed to various roof deck profiles. They are lightweight and relocatable, folding into a compact unit with carry bag.

    Static Line Systems (SL200) 
    The Travel 8® static line system and Pilot traveller® meet all AS/NZS 1891 standards and ensure high performance in safety for operators using harness equipment and lanyard fall protection gear.

    Failsafe Locking Technology for full height safety:

    • The Pilot traveller is designed with fail-safe locking technology. Used with Travel 8 static line systems, the Pilot traveller provides consistent protection against falling on all roof tops.
    • The static line travelers work smoothly around corners and over intermediates without needing to be separated from the system.
    • Suitable for horizontal and vertical operations, these static line systems are simple to install using modular components and flexible mounting resources.
    • All static lines can be traced and certified with the traceable identification feature incorporated.

    Harness Gear and Equipment (HR000) 

    Sayfa's Zero™ range of harnesses, harness kits and equipment are Australian Standards compliant, providing comfort and protection when working at height. Sayfa's lockable harness cabinets offer controlled storage of personal protective equipment (PPE).

    The comprehensive range of Zero™ harness gear and equipment includes: 

    • Multipurpose fall arrest harnesses
    • Helmets
    • Harness kits
    • Rope lifelines
    • Energy absorbing lanyards
    • Fall arrest rated karabiners
    • Snap and scaffold hook lanyards
    • Anchor straps and static line kits
    • Winches and recovery kits


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