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    Guardrail & Walkway Systems

    SAYFA Group design and install quality products to ensure safety in the workplace, while offering a cost-effective and environmental sympathetic solution.

    Sentry® Guardrails (GW300)

    SENTRY Guardrail Systems offer complete height safety for maintenance workers working at heights and in areas where there can be potential falls. They can adjust to requirements of any application and are flexible with many environments. The guardrails can also include prefabricated fixtures and fittings.

    • Prefabricated, modular guardrail system ensures rapid installation
    • Lightweight, high strength aluminium construction
    • No need for ongoing assessment and recertification
    • Unobtrusive appearance with option for powder coating
    • Easily retrofitted to existing platforms systems, metal roof deck, concrete and steel structures

    These guardrail systems can be used with the ON-TRAK Walkway System to provide roof walkways for maintenance personnel and offer the highest level of safety when working at heights.

    On-Trak® Fibre Walkways (GW13)

    The ON-TRAK Walkway System is designed for worker protection on roof decks. It is easy to install giving safe designated access to plant and equipment and providing safe walking over uneven and at-risk surfaces.

    • Lightweight reinforced fibre composite construction
    • Non-corrosive, maintenance free
    • Cost effective roof deck protection
    • Safety yellow for high visibility 
    • Multi directional (360 degree grip matrix) high anti slip surface, ideal for wet conditions
    • Non-penetrating mounting optional feature uses TRAK TITE Mounting Clips

    ON-TRAK® Fibre Walkways are also suitable for skylight, roof light  and fragile roof protection.

    PACE600 Lightweight Aluminium Walkways (GW8-GW9)

    PACE600 Walkway has been designed to provide height safe access to plant and equipment and is a durable, non-corrosive product providing very little lifelong maintenance. Safe access includes around potential risk surfaces including roof lights and fragile asbestos roof decking. The walkways are fixed to spacer battens using bulb type rivets or Tek screws.

    • Simple, quick installation
    • Cost effective roof deck protection
    • Lightweight aluminium reinforced panels
    • Incorporates an advance multi-directional non slip surface, ideal for outdoor weather conditions

    PACE600 Aluminium Walkways are ideal for use as lightweight or existing plant platforms.

    SENTRY® Adjustable Self Closing Gate (GW390A)

    SENTRY Self Closing Gates offer safe and controlled access entering or exiting walkways. The self closing gates provide edge protection for workers in the danger area.

    • Modular, kit form assembly for easy installation
    • Adjustable opening of 500mm to 900mm
    • Lightweight, high strength design ensuring easy operation
    • Complies with Australian Standard AS1657:1992
    • Non-corrosive, maintenance free componentry

    SENTRY® Adjustable Self Closing Gates are made of high grade structural aluminium and delivered flat packed for safer and more cost effective transport.

    PROTEX® Skylight Protectors (SP300)

    PROTEX Skylight Protectors cover roof lights and skylights, preventing workers from potential falls. In the construction stage, skylight (roofing) safety mesh is installed underneath skylights and roof sheeting to ensure the safety of workers. However, as time goes by the safety mesh can become a less sufficient solution. This may be because of incorrect installation, corrosion and as there are no regulations to cover inspections, problems are often not picked up. 

    • Lightweight, high strength aluminium
    • Unobtrusive, with options for powder coating
    • No light penetration reduction
    • Quick, easy installation

    The installation of Skylight Protectors is an effective way of ensuring that workers have no possibility of falling from height due to fragile or in defective safety mesh. 

    PROTEX Skylight Protectors are manufactured from high strength profiled aluminium.

    • Standard, custom or application suited models available 
    • Rapid installation, lightweight and robust 
    • Non-corrosive, maintenance free componentry 
    • Available in flat, raised and framed options

    PROTEX Skylight Protectors do not limit light penetration and are visually unobtrusive with a neat appearance.


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