Sandmar Products Aust manufactures many construction coating system and sealants. These products are used in the construction industry for more than a decade.

Sandmar Products Aust has introduced the Aquepoxy sealers and associated products. It is an aqueous Epoxy coating system. This coating system is used for industrial and commercial flooring purposes. It provides slip resistance and are cost effective.

The Acoustic and Fire rated construction sealants from Sandmar Products Aust are widely used for sealing the expansion joints. It is suitable for sealing the expansion joints, especially in the tilt-up construction. These sealants are also used for sealing the service penetrations and fire door frames. It can also be used as Acoustic sealants.

Sandmar Products Aust also manufactures the Acrylic Joint Sealants. These sealants are used as general joint sealants in many of the flooring and tilt-up applications.

The newly introduced product from Sandmar Products Aust is Graffiti 2000 coating systems. It can be used as a protective coating system. This coating system is free of organic solvents and does no harm to the surface as well as to the surrounding landscape.

In addition to the Coating systems and Sealants Sandmar Products Aust also provides construction adhesives and coloured caulks and gapfillers.