Successful Queensland flooring contractor specializing in feature effects, Ken Arden, has achieved a spectacular result using Aquepoxy Waterborne Concrete Floor Finish, from Sandmar Products , at the prestigious Sovereign Island residential estate on the Gold Coast.

The architect wanted a novel and unique hard-wearing finish for the 250m² basement car park floor, which could be safely applied without risk of explosion or release of hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere.

Arden has previously achieved excellent results with Aquepoxy Waterborne Concrete Floor Finish, knowing it's advantage over solventborne and solventless epoxy coatings in that it can be applied to damp concrete, tools are easy to clean up using water rather than solvents, and there is virtually no odour.

Arden found that using Waterborne Concrete Floor Finish he is not only able to apply a highly resistant hard wearing coating to the concrete floor, he is also able to achieve some attractive effects using a spatter coating technique.

This spatter effect has a similar appearance to a flake coating and is achieved in only one day by applying two coats of the Aquepoxy Waterborne Concrete Floor Finish in light grey shade, and then after allowing it to dry, applying the decorative effect using special Aquepoxy tint bases.

Aquepoxy Waterborne Concrete Floor Finish has been used for many years on concrete floors, especially car parks, as it adheres well to concrete and is resistant to hot tyres, as well as stains caused by motor fuel, oil, and hydraulic fluid.

Aquepoxy Waterborne Concrete Floor Finish is available in 12 attractive colours, as well as Linewhite and Clear, and is supplied in 25L kits, a sufficient amount to apply two coats on approximately 100m² of floor area.