Standards Australia 's specific website features frequently asked questions on AS/NZS 3000-2000 Wiring rules. All 27 FAQs and answers in the first series are endorsed by the wiring rules committee, EL-001, and more will be added as the committee processes them.

The standard is performance based, and many of the prescriptive requirements were removed, leaving the electrical designer with more responsibility to design a complying solution. Standards Australia's HB 30-2001 Electrical installations – Designing to the Wiring rules, the first such electrical design handbook, provides guidance on developing solutions which comply with the wiring rules.

The handbook explains the importance and methodology of briefing, planning, design, installation and testing, illustrated by practical examples including seven fully documented complying solutions. Bruce Walsh (Ballengearry Consulting), who prepared this handbook, is currently working with NATSPEC on a review of the electrical worksections.

Source: SPECnews #29 Autumn 2002,