Timber Framing Code AS 1684 has been further amended to meet the needs of designers and builders, and now covers a wider range of acceptable practices with more technical explanations included.

According to the Timber Advisory Network, the most recent amendment to AS 1684, No. 4, addresses a series of changes to Parts 2, 3 and 4 of the Timber Framing Code. These changes will be called up under Amendment 11 to the BCA and are effective from 1 July 2002.

They include:

- new alternatives for top plate combinations

- concessions and simplification of tie-down in low wind speed areas for coupled pitched roofs

- extended use of 3.05 dia. gun nails as ‘nominal nailing’

- closer alignment of Part 2 and Part 4 with respect to roof tie-down and connections at the top and bottom of bracing walls

- amendment of the bottom fixings of bracing walls to align with manufacturers specifications

- additional screw fixing tie-down details and amendments to some of the other fixing strengths to achieve consistency

- underbatten sizes

- tie-down strength for plywood (bracing)

Information on the most recent amendments to AS 1684 and contact details for the Timber Advisory services can be found at www.timber.org.au.

Amendments can be downloaded free from the Standards Australia website, www.standards.com.au.