Safemaster Height Safety Solutions  is a well-known name in the height safety industry for their innovative design, development, manufacture and installation of superior fall arrest, fall restraint and rope access safety systems.

A leading provider of engineered safety systems for people working at heights, Safemaster introduced the serpentine (extension of metal in a snake type design) shock absorbing height safety systems in Australia in 2004.

Many products have evolved from this concept including the Connect 2 Lifeline shock absorber, the Connect2 Tilefix anchor, the Connect2 Customfix anchor and the Connect2 surface mount. All these products employ unique energy absorbing properties to reduce the loads applied to the structure and personnel to be within the limits recognised by industry standards.

Safemaster has registered the designs of all of their unique energy absorbing height safety systems.

Safemaster consultants are qualified to:

  • Carry out a comprehensive audit for a property and produce a detailed report
  • Produce a cost effective design to meet the client’s regulatory responsibilities
  • Custom design and engineer a system for specific needs
  • Provide a comprehensive CAD design for a property
  • Engineer the system to guarantee the structure is sufficient to contain the loads applied
  • Supply and install the system taking utmost responsibility for protection of personnel and property
  • Train staff in the use of the system, ensuring all personnel working at heights have the required competencies
  • Provide comprehensive height safety training for those without these competencies
  • Certify and warrant the system installed, and set up a contract for annual certification