One feature that makes Altrac kits simple and adaptable is the extensive range of brackets available for assembly and mounting. There are a few standard parts that many of Altrac’s distributors and installers are familiar with, such as the AT-01 Splice Kit for attaching two pieces of Altrac Rail together. While the AT-01 Splice Kits are often used during initial installation, they also make future extensions simple. There is also a low-profile version of the splice kit available namely AT-59.

Some other basic brackets include the AT-02 two-bolt hanger and the AT-03 single bolt hanger. The AT-11 is a mounting clamp that comes in 150UB and 180UB sizes. If the size of the I-beam or structural element is unknown or non-standard there is also the AT-64 adjustable UB clamps in 0 and 90 degrees. And if there are other tricky installation situations, there are a number of standard brackets for specific tasks such as the AT-24 concrete ceiling mount.

The entire Altrac system is adaptable, cost-effective and simple to install.

If a new system had to be developed for every materials handling or fall arrest situation, there would be considerable costs involved not only in R&D, but also to test each system to ensure it complies with the applicable safety codes. All Altrac components and bracketry have already been tested and shown to meet these standards. Comprehensive research and testing has been conducted so that the Altrac system is to be cut to the lengths needed and the proper brackets should be selected from stock.

All of this adds up to shorter lead times, lower prices and better quality products.