Lexan Thermoclick sheet systems, from Sabic Innovative Plastics are made up of 40 mm, UV protected, multiwall sheet panels with a profiled tongue and groove connection. The Lexan Thermoclick inter-connecting system eliminates the need for vertical profiles, thereby potentially saving costs and enhancing aesthetics. The internal X-Structure of Lexan Thermoclick provides exceptional stiffness and thermal insulation.

Lexan Thermoclick sheet LTC404X4000 is UV protected, for long term weather resistance. It has good light transmission/light diffusion characteristics and extremely high stiffness. It also provides excellent thermal insulation and has high impact strength.

The panels come in a wide range of colours and aesthetic effects and installation is fast and easy. They are available in a solar IR version for optimal solar heat reduction.

Aluminium glazing profiles are available through an authorized distributor.