Lexan XL102UV polycarbonate sheet from Sabic Innovative Plastics can offer a combination of durability and formability for a wide range of sloped glazing and overhead applications.

This virtually unbreakable, transparent Lexan polycarbonate sheet comes with UV protection on both sides of the surface and provides remarkable clarity – even after many years of intense sunlight and weather extremes.

Potential applications
Overhead and vertical glazing applications like skylights, barrel vaults, domes, conservatories, windows and doors.

Potential benefits

  • Helps to minimise installation mistakes
  • Proprietary UV resistance on both sides of the sheet
  • Good weathering properties on both sides
  • Improved yields in conservatory glazing
  • Design freedom and the possible system cost savings
  • Lightweight, thermoformable
  • Easily cold-formed to tight radii