Leading specialist paint manufacturer Zinsser Asia Pacific introduces a revolutionary range of all purpose, all-surface water based undercoats for interiors and exteriors.  

Smart Prime undercoat offers all of the benefits of an advanced water-based formula with the performance of an oil-based undercoat.  

Smart Prime undercoats are suitable for commercial and domestic applications.  

Miriam Nagib, Marketing Manager, Rust-Oleum Australia comments that Smart Prime has a unique resin system that stops both water and oil-soluble stains bleeding through to the topcoat.  

Offering painters all the benefits and performance of water-based and oil-based undercoats in a single formula, Smart Prime provides great flow and smooth levelling similar to oil-based undercoats.  

Smart Prime undercoats also offer the fast-drying and easy-to-clean properties of water-based paint products.  

As an all-purpose, all-surface undercoat, Smart Prime is also suitable for use on bare or painted surfaces, delivering superior adhesion.  

The primers can also be tinted for improved hiding power and one-coat topcoat coverage.  

Applied using brush, roller or spray, Smart Prime dries to the touch in 30 minutes and is ready to recoat in one hour.  

Zinsser Smart Prime is a low odour, low VOC undercoat packed in a recycled plastic can, and available from Bunnings and paint specialists nationally.