Zinsser Asia Pacific Pty Limited has been officially renamed Rust-Oleum Australia Pty Limited, effective May 2, 2011.  

A part of Rust-Oleum Corporation Inc since June 2007, Zinsser is an established name in the Australian paint market.  

Zinsser paint products will continue to be available in the Australian market under the new operating name.  

Rust-Oleum Australia’s Managing Director, Stan Jankiewicz explains that the name change reflects Zinsser’s ownership by US-based Rust-Oleum Corporation Inc, a subsidiary of RPM International Inc.   

Rust-Oleum is a major manufacturer of rust-preventative coatings and speciality coatings in the USA.  

Consolidating the local operation into Rust-Oleum Corporation in addition to the distribution of Rust-Oleum products by Zinsser has helped establish the brand as a leading innovative paint supplier in the Australian market. The name change will reflect the strength of the Rust-Oleum brand, adds Jankiewicz.  

Recent products from Rust-Oleum Australia include Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations system and Zinsser Smart Prime.