Ultraleather from Roylston House is ideal for situations where the look and feel of leather is desirable, but need a more durable and practical alternative. Formulated with high-tech strengthening components for longevity, its high durability and easy cleaning make Ultraleather the ideal Ultra Surface for high wear applications with the benefit of a soft and supple hand.   

Ultraleather stays cool to the touch even when exposed to sunlight. It is soft and supple and tough enough to withstand kids and pets, and because it is inherently stain-resistant, no toxic aftercare is ever required to keep it looking its best.  

Ultraleather is also environmentally friendly and wears the “Confidence in Textile” logo. It does not contain plasticisers, heavy metals or stabilisers and is 100% free of VOC’s, POP’s and formaldehyde.   

Ultraleather meets industry wear standards including bond strength, seam strength and tear strength. Ultraleather exceeds 400,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeck abrasion test.  

Ultraleather is available in 70 colours. It is suitable for recreation, marine, residential, dental, hospitality, office, automotive, aviation and healthcare situations.