Good for the Earth

Sensuede, available from Roylston House , is a luxury faux suede fabric made from recycled polyester. The Sensuede fabric is produced by a unique commercial chemical recycling process and manufactured from PET bottles, fabric and apparel. This process does not involve the use of any solvents that are harmful to the environment.

Sensuede fabric is available in 130 colours, including 30 new colours, in rich hues and opulent tones.

More than Tough Enough

Sensuede fabric is spill-proof, wrinkle-proof, shrink-proof, stain-resistant, soil-resistant, fade-resistant, moisture-resistant and mildew-resistant. It will resist lipstick, wine, coffee, juice, or ballpoint pen stains. 

Washable, Cleanable, Workable

Most spills bead up on the surface of Sensuede fabric. It can be machine washed, dry cleaned, or can be cleaned with soap and water. 

The Luxe Look

Sensuede fabric is soft and easy to contour to any shape and style of furniture. This breathable fabric will not stretch or sag. 

Land, Sea, Air & Hotels

Sensuede fabric is suitable for use in a range of applications, including aircrafts, yachts, corporate and executive interiors, restaurants or hotels, home theatres and bar stools. It can also be used for wall coverings, drapery, bedding, pillows, sofas, armchairs and dining chairs.

Sensuede fabric is made from 88% high-purity recycled polyester and 12% polyurethane.

Roylston House has just received in the latest Sensuede cards. The latest colour selections can be obtained by emailing Roylston House.