The Biolet from Rota-Loo is a waterless toilet that is ideal for places such as holiday homes where visitors are not very frequent. The Biolet is easily installed and hardly requires any maintenance.

As there is no need for water usage with the Biolet waterless toilet, it has come up with a unique method of waste disposal. This waterless toilet from Rota-Loo utilises aerobic organisms. These organisms break down the waste and convert it into humus which is ideal in making soil fertile. This waste can, thus, be used as garden compost.

As the Biolet from Rota-Loo is self contained, the need for plumbing and drainages is completely eliminated. This waterless toilet can be easily installed anywhere. To install a Biolet, an electric outlet and ventilation pipe is all that is required.

The Biolet is built of fiberglass which is sturdy and durable, ensuring a long life. The seat is made of polyurethane and internal features are manufactured from stainless steel. Vent pipes and insulation for the Biolet can be easily bought from the local plumbing store.