The Rota-Loo is a unique composting toilet that functions without the use of any water. The Rota-Loo is gaining popularity all around the world as it helps reduce overall household water usage. The Rota-Loo is easily installed and requires no maintenance. Apart from the Rota-Loo, some of the other innovative systems from this range are waterless urinals, Mobile Rota-Loo and the Biolet.

As composting is considered the best solution in disposing human waste, the Rota-Loo is highly efficient as it is a composting toilet. It is, thus, a waterless toilet that does not deplete water resources. A Rota-Loo typically consists of a combination of 6 compost bins that are arranged on a turn table. Rota-Loo is a maintenance-free system and has a limitless capacity.

The smallest Rota-Loo is the Rota-Loo 650 which can cater for about four people. The largest of these Rota-Loos is the Rota-Loo 950 which has double the capacity of the Rota-Loo 650. As there is no water involved, there is no possibility of the formation of anaerobic bacterial. This is the reason why the Rota-Loo remains odour-free.