Rock Top Marketing is the company that introduced the Rocktop adjustable floor waste to the Australian market; finally a floor waste that won't leak.

Many floor wastes and shower drains leak over time, causing water damage to bathroom floors, walls, and any ceilings that might be underneath. Rocktop adjustable floor wastes use patented design features to prevent those leaks from ever happening.

Very simple to install and available in 40mm, 50mm, 80mm, and 100mm sizes, Rocktop adjustable floor wastes have four unique properties that can save thousands of dollars in remedial spend on water damaged floors, walls, and ceilings.

Firstly, the drainage grate top on these floor wastes pivots or ‘rocks’ within the height riser. That means even if a bathroom drain pipe is installed incorrectly at an angle, the drainage grate can sit level with the bathroom floor or shower, which prevents pooling and leaking.

Secondly, the height riser uses weep slots rather than weep holes, allowing far better drainage of any water in the mortar of the bathroom floor to enter the drain and exit.

Thirdly, Rocktop adjustable floor wastes use a patented membrane clamp to secure the waterproof membrane into the floor waste. By securing this membrane, the weakness found in traditional waterproofing methods is eliminated

Lastly, the floor waste housing has a recessed centre section and a much wider plate. These help catch and direct any water in the mortar of the bathroom floor into the floor waste by providing a better contact with the water proof membrane.

A final important point about Rocktop adjustable floor wastes is that they can correct angled pipes, which makes it much easier to ensure a great result.