The 80mm RockTop Leak Prevention Waste systems are part of the range of waste drainage systems by award-winning designers Rock Top Marketing

The original adjustable RockTop floor waste drainage systems have been designed to pivot at the waste top and suit various heights. Rock Top's 80mm floor waste drainage systems comprise a 3 Part PVC Base and will adapt to any of the grate top options below: 

PVC Tops

RTHW1    80x80 White PVC RockTop

RTHC1     80x80 Chrome PVC RockTop

PWHW8   80X80 RockTop Plug Waste

Metal Tops Round

RTHCB8   80x80 Chrome/Brass RockTop

RTHPB8    80x80 Pol. Brass RockTop

RTHGB8    80x80 Gold/Brass RockTop

Metal Tops Square

SQACB8    80x80 Chrome/Brass Sq. RockTop

SQAPB8    80x80 Pol. Brass Sq. RockTop

SQAGB8    80x80 Gold/Brass Sq. RockTop