A brick wall built with Petersen bricks from Robertson's Building Products has been used as a design element to connect the courtyard with the interior of a sophisticated house in Hawthorn.

David Neil, Director, Neil Architecture specified natural materials for the simple, elegant house sitting respectfully within a heritage context among magnificent, well-established trees in Hawthorn. Combining timber, copper and bricks, the Hawthorn residence also features a brick wall that links the courtyard with the inside of the house, and out, creating a continuous flow.

Unfortunately, the brick initially selected by the architect was unable to deliver the sophisticated, elegant result sought from the design. Seeking an alternative, David chose Petersen bricks as he was impressed with their colour, size and format.

Describing Petersen’s K55 bricks from the Kolumba range as the most perfect material, David added that they continue to be obsessed with the range and will use them in future projects.

Featuring a unique, soft, earthy feel, the handcrafted Petersen bricks are quite textural, creating a stunning effect inside the house that simply can’t be achieved with manufactured bricks. Petersen bricks are impressive in standalone feature applications and can also beautifully complement other natural materials. For instance, these bricks sit in perfect harmony with the timber cabinetry in the Hawthorn project, creating a purely wonderful space for the owners.

David’s clients are thrilled with the design outcomes, especially the use of Petersen bricks.

Image: Photography by Hilary Bradford